Stick War 2020

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Get into the third part of the best action game with elements of strategy ever. Yes, the toy-like characters, silly and adorable stickmen, are here again and they are counting on you. The large and mighty army of warriors needs a strong leader and you the one to head their army and get them to the victory! Are you ready for a serious and pretty massive fight? Well, then, begin your journey, gather the soldiers, magicians, builders, and healers and see your amazing army getting to the tops. The third part is no less amazing that those two you have already played. Here you will mostly do the same you did before. The process is built of various elements, like resources gathering, army training, attack, and defense. All of these actions and necessities are tightly interconnected, so you will have to do them all at the same time, looking for a perfect balance and finding the best way to reach the most fruitful plan and gain success in each battle. Be ready that the battles will last all the time, so you won’t really have time for rest!
The third part is reach for new lands and maps, which were not present before. You and your army will go through them and try to make them yours. Just be ready – the lands are never empty, they belong to other armies of warriors and their leaders. This means that you will have to meet them all in battles, fight courageously, and capture the lands. The soldiers will become your loyal warriors if you will manage to beat their army down and then hire them as your servants. They will see you as a mighty and ambitious leader, being ready to follow you wherever you go. This is your chance to gather the largest army ever and become a winner of all battles that ever happen around you. That’s true – you are the one to become a king of the lands and the third chance is given to you.
Also, you will meet new items and units in this game. They have different skills and provide you with new opportunities. There are upgraded weapons, tools for work and defense, spells to masters, and so on. If you are ready for a real wave of newish goodies, then don’t wait any longer and start your journey in the world of stickmen! The third part will bring you a lump of positive emotions, so get into the game and do your best to improve, defend, and attack. In general, the game has all the best features that were present in the previous parts, adding a pack of new and cool ones. The idea stays the same, but there are so many additional functions to cool things to discover! And the best thing about this game – it is not only unlimited and full, but also free! Ready for a severe stick battle? Join now!

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