Stick War Legacy

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The war never stops for stick-people. They are here to show their power and conquer the new lands and you will become a leader of this rebellious event. You will become a head of the army formed in one of the kingdoms where stickmen live. This place is called Inamort and the fame about it spreads all over the planet. However, the territories you own are under attack and other stickmen are trying to get them. In turn, you would rather make them wider than smaller, so you decide to conquer the lands of your neighbors as well. You will become a good ruler if you will manage to get as many territories as possible without losing those that actually are yours now. This is an uneasy task and will have to show yourself as a commander and skilled strategist to do that. Try to break the rebellion of other stickmen down with the help of your army and gather them all under your flags – they will serve you as a leader if you will prove to be a worthy one. Hire new soldiers, develop them, use swords and magic, become the mightiest warrior ever and don’t give your enemies a chance to respond you successfully enough. This is your chance to become the king of the entire lands and you will definitely find it an exciting task.
Drawn men made of sticks will become your warriors and your mighty army will consist of them entirely. The task is to take them under your control and do everything to defend the city and keep your soldiers alive. You will have to train them and they will become better. Improve their characteristics, create new tools and weapons, use magical spells, and beat the army of your enemies down at one strike – we bet that you will cope with that after training your soldiers properly. Defeat the army of enemies and do it as fast as you can – they will try to do the same, so leave no chances to them. The field is divided into parts – a left and a right one. The left part is the source of gold, where your workers will try hard to retrieve resources. The right one will show you the army of the enemy. At the very beginning, you will have an access to those characters who get the gold from the ground, but later you will obtain some new units like bowers, warriors, horsemen, healers, and magicians. There are so many heroes to join your army, but each of them costs a certain sum of money. To win the game, you will have to deal with the soldiers of your opponent and get the source of gold – the statue made of stone. Be ready that soldiers will defend it courageously, so you won’t get it that easily.

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