Stick War Legacy Hacked

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Looking for the hacked version of marvelous Stickman War? Well, you can have one right here! We have uploaded this super-popular and truly thrilling title to this platform, so don’t be shy to launch it right now. You are welcome to become a leader of the army, a true ruler and a king of people that were made of sticks. Don’t you think that their fragile bodies are weak! Stickmen only look this way, but in the reality, they are mighty and strong. Be sure that your future army will struggle with the enemies like real lions – they are courageous and strong! So are you ready to hire these fearless soldiers? Then get in! We bet that you will overcome all the challenges having such an amazing team of warriors around you.
The game has one main principle – you need to fight the enemies, gather new lands, get their source of gold, and cover the map with your ownings. You are here to become the king of the entire map, so do your best and gain as many lands as you can. This is your chance to become a leader of a large army that has an expanding piece of land under its command. When you start playing, you will control only those units that work on the mine and dig the gold out. The mine looks like a statue made of stone. When you will get enough gold, buy yourself some new types of units, including soldiers, magicians, doctors, and other. With time, you will gather a full-fledged army of incredible soldiers with different skills and they will become your mighty team of conquerors. Moving further and further, you will get the lands under your command, gathering them territory after territory, having fun and become more and more influential at this land. The task you have to accomplish here is to become a strong king! And you need a strategy on how to do that. Mind every step you make and try to achieve the heights! So gather, fight, improve, and grow all the time. We bet that you will show all of your best potential in the game. Good luck in a battle!

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