Stick War Legacy 3

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The freshest and most exciting forth part of Stick Wars is at your disposal. Haven’t you been waiting for this for a long time? Then you are welcome to jump in right now – the game is free, full, and incredibly appealing, especially if you are a real fan of the series. The first three parts were great, but this one is a real masterpiece you will adore for sure. So what is waiting for you in this new part? Everything you have been waiting for! As you can understand, there are numerous features you already know from the first parts. This is the so-called fundament, a basis of the entire history of Stick War – you and other stickmen are fighting for power, lands, and influence. No matter what you do, you do that for a reason – there is a need to retrieve more gold, hire more soldiers, make your defense better, and get yourself some new weapons that will strike your enemies to death from one shot. All of these can be done only when you have enough gold – the most important resource you can retrieve in this game. The one who has gold, has everything! So mine more, make your statues a source of your army’s life, and gain new achievements, conquering the lands and gaining a tilt of the most influential leader in the world of stick people.
The latest part will bring you into the same world where people made of sticks live. These guys are always fighting – there are too many stick people out there and they are incredibly ambitious, so they cannot stop competing and struggling for territories and power. As one of the leading commanders of stickmen rebellions, you are here to make your warriors get the highest title in the universe of sticky soldiers. The idea is to gather as much gold as you can, create a well-defended towers and castles surrounded with guards, hire different types of units and get to work! Units can include various active soldiers with different weapons like swords and bows. Also, there are warriors that ride horses, as well as magicians that have numerous striking spells in their arsenal. When your soldiers get wounded in a battle, you can use healers’ skills to make them capable of fighting again.

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