Stick War Legacy 2

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You will become a leader of the army, the one that goes for battles and conquers other lands to your benefit. The lands are all around, but they are defended with different enemies, including other stickmen and truly mighty creatures – the giants and dwarfs. These monsters will prevent you from getting access to new sources of gold that is the most important element of the playing process. Having enough gold, you can do literally everything and make your army the mightiest one ever. You are capable of creating a strong pack of mighty soldiers, as well as magicians and other units, including horse riders and medical pros. Having different types of units in your army is a way to success – you will be able to cover all aspects of the battle, like distant and close fighting. What is more, the magical spells will bring additional damage to your opponents and make them shiver from fear – magic is always amazing. Also, the healers will take care of wounded warriors, treat them when needed, and they will come back to the lines of your mighty army as good as new.
As you have already understood, the idea of the game is pretty obvious – you have to defend your territory, grow your army, and gather lands taking them (and the most important – the sources of gold located inside of the stone statues) under your control. The more lands you control, the better army you can construct and the better army you have – the more lands will become yours. The principle of growing and gathering is clear and straightforward here. The enemies are all obvious – they will attack you once they see you, so make sure to be faster than them and strike before they even make a single move. As you will see soon, the game is very thrilling and you will get that feeling of “getting more and more” very fast. The bosses and mighty enemies will wait for you after great achievements you complete and you will continue moving around the map only after beating them all down, which is a pretty uneasy task. The bosses make maximal damage and you will have to do your best to stand against them efficiently. This is how tough and extreme life at stickman world is – you have to fight all the time, establishing your power and influence all around the lands you can reach. In the end, you will meet the trickiest and most powerful boss – the largest giant that have ever been out there. This creature is truly powerful – it is a couple of times larger than all of your previous enemies and has all capacities to defeat you at a strike.

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