Stick War Legacy Final Boss

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Playing Stick War, you have definitely met giants – large and terrifying stick people that attack you like crazy. They are big and you would rather avoid seeing them, we bet that you would! However, there is one guy that is more terrifying – this is a final boss, a truly gigantic giant, the one that is larger than regular, more powerful, and has more health. You will find him after breaking the last statue of gold and he will attack you right away, so be prepared for a hot battle right after you do so. The damage this character can make is truly exciting – it can break a half of your mighty army at one move without even noticing! As you can understand, this is how a boss should act. Yes, final bosses are never easy to defeat and Stick War game is not an exclusion.
His “smaller brother” dwarf will meet you earlier in the game, doing damage to your base and soldiers. You’d better run away from him when you see him – believe us, he screams in a truly horrible manner and you would rather not hear that ever. The larger guy will attack you from the front and the small one will run right at you, from the back. Your task is to kill both! Beat them until they fall down and die. This is the only way you can get rid of the horrible stick monsters. Do your best and win the game – the last fight decides everything. There is also another way to kill both creature – throwing a stick into them and making them fall down on the ground. You will need a number of them, because one spear is not enough to defeat such a strong rival. Be ready to defend yourself from both sides and attack similarly – boss and his “child” will do everything to prevent you from winning this fight!

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