Stick War Android

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Your participation in Stick War will never stop and we know the best place to keep you in track. This is an amazing mobile version of the game, the one that will stay in your pocket all the time, being available for you to play at any second (if you have an access to the Internet, of course, and this is everything that you may need). So, this version of the game is perfectly-adapted for Android devices of all kinds, namely tablets and phones. The opportunity to stay in the game all the time is something all fans of amazing Stick War would really appreciate and now you can have it! So, get into the process and see how incredible game becomes your everyday entertainment. The best thing about this mobile version is that you can play it just like it is a PC one. What do we mean? Well, everything is simple – neither quality of the picture, nor gameplay opportunities, controls, or features suffer from the lite version of the game for mobiles, simple and lightweight.
The strategy is based on your actions as a captain of stickmen army. You have a base, where your workers retrieve gold and allow you to purchase new equipment and hire better and more skillful soldiers. As a result, your army grows and becomes stronger. At some point, you will be able to conquer the lands laying nearby, gain more resources, and continue your winning walk to the world mastery! You will surely become a master of the lands, gaining all of them at your own disposal and creating the mightiest army ever existed. The mobile version includes everything you have in a full one – all weapons, strategic moves, features, locations, and defense opportunities are open for you in all versions, including the one for Android. It is adapted perfectly, doesn’t have any glitches, and comes absolutely for free. So if you are ready to start your amazing journey to the Stick World with your Stick Army, then the time has come! Good luck!

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