Stick War 2 Unblocked

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Is there something more frustrating than finding a game you really like and then realizing that you cannot play the full version without paying money for that? Guess, not! However, there are no restrictions for you now, because we have uploaded a full and unblocked version of the second part of Stick Wars right here. Yes, the war of people that are made of thin lines is here again and it seems that it won’t stop until the last stickman dies. Are you ready to join thrilling struggles of sticky warriors once again? Here you go – we have an unblocked, full, unlimited, and entirely free version of the title you have been looking for – this is Stick War 2, and you are here to join the furious battles for power and resources.
As you may already know from the previous part, there are several tasks you will have to accomplish in the game (mostly, at the same time). First of all, you need to develop your army. As a beginner, you will have only the workers in your disposal. The only thing they can do is retrieving resources which is gold. Gold is a universal resource and you will need it badly to get new soldiers, equip them, improve their skills while training them, and so on. Building, development, and other actions are available only when you have enough of it. When conquering the lands of your rivals, you will take control of their resources, getting more and more gold, as the result – making your army grow as a mushroom after the rain. Doing so, you will move around the map, further and further, getting resources, and expanding your capabilities. Good luck and happy growing! We bet that you will become a master of the land very soon! The unblocked version is full and unlimited, so enjoy.

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