Stick War Legacy Update

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Looking for the updated version of the game where stickmen meet each other and fight for lands and honor? No problem, we have one for you. Here you will get a free and unlimited access to Stick Wars Legacy, where the latest updates are already applied. The game developers launch newish features and add something really engaging into their masterpiece all the time. The only trouble is to keep in track, being aware of all features that appear. With us, you will stay informed and tuned all the time, because we are here to provide you with new versions of Stick War! No need to search for the improved and updated version on your own anymore – we have them all uploaded and free to play, just come to this platform and launch them! Online and free!
So, here we go. The updated part of Legacy series provides you with a full pack of opportunities. First of all, there are new locations you can discover. New locations mean new enemies and resources to gather. If you believe that your current gold is not enough to create an army that cannot be beaten, then feel free to discover new lands and get more. Second, there are new characters to hire, train, and lead into the battle. Additional soldiers with new weapons and exclusive skills will gladden you for sure, captain! Magicians know new spells, doctors can heal the wounds faster and better, the entire army can be even more organized! So as a commander and a smart ruler, you need to do your best and create an army that cannot be destroyed anyhow – we believe that you can do that! Are you ready for an incredible adventure that will bring you achievements and improvements? Wait no longer – enter the game and have fun.
Don’t be shy to come back to this website again and again for more updates. We are glad to inform you that we track all official releases (and unofficial as well), new features, and add-ons created by the talented developers always ready to gladden you with something appealing and winning. Are you ready for the new experience found in the well-known old game? Start now – and don’t forget to tell your friends about the coolest game collection we have here. We bet that they will join you gladly and take part in the Stick War!

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